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Timeout settings – 400 Session timed out

Basis SAP Consultant needs help regarding – 400 Session timed out “

Hello SRM-gurus,

we’re working with SRM 5.0 and internal ITS. We would like to change the session timeout settings for the Web-UI.
For example if a user is logged in but does not use the SRM-system for 40 minutes (no clicks). Then he should be able to go on working without getting the error message:

400 Session timed out – please log in again

error: -11
Version: 7000
Component: ICM
Date/Time: Wed Feb 13 09:02:19 2008
Module: icxxthr_mt.c
Line: 17ǥ
Server: xyz
error Tag: {-}
Detail: Session does not exist

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We found the thread “TIME OUT error
and tried to find the correct parameter in SMICM. Is it ‘conn_timeout’ or ‘icm/keep_alive_timeout’ or another one?

As Deepi P mentioned in this thread, there is no chance to change the paramter icm/keep_alive_timeout.

We would prefer a 2-hours timeout.

Basis Consultant, needs help regarding Timeout settings – 400 Session timed out Help!

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