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Has anyone successfully created a delta capable generic datasource for VBUP? I am trying to configure a replacement for the standard datasource 2LIS_11_VASTI because apparently the status of an SD ORDER item is not updated in BW if the item was created from an existing quotation (see note 723475). Thus although the status (eg GBSTA) in VBUP will change to “C”, it will still remain “A” in BW, that being the original status of the quotation that was initially uploaded into BW.

Now VBUP doesn’t have a date or a timestamp field which I could derive the delta from. Numeric pointer to say ORDER number willonly bring through new records but not changed status. Loading full isn’t a solution either considering the >10 million records I have in VBUP. Any ideas?

EIM Solutions Consultant, needs help regarding VBUP Help!

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