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Inspection Type deactivation for Rework order

SAP Consultant needs help regarding “Inspection Type deactivation for Rework order “

Hi All,

I have a material for which 03 inspection is activated in Material Master – QM view.

Now i have two order types. One for normal production (ZPI1) and other for Rework (ZRWK).

Whenever I create a process order with ZPI1 order type, I need an 03 In Process Inpection lot to be created which is working fine now.

But when something has gone wrong during production and the material needs re-work, they create a ZRWK order in COR1 transaction. But this time they don’t want a 03 inspection lot created at all.

So how to activate an inspection type for one order type and deactivate the same when using a Rework order type for the same material.

Kindly request you to help!

Consultant, needs help regarding Inspection Type deactivation for Rework order Help!

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