ABAW – AR29N FI/AA Revaluation – no FI document

SAP Consultant needs help regarding /AA – no FI

Dear all,

I have a Problem using ABAW, I’m able to have the rigrh values in FI/AA but I can’t post any Document.
Context -
Asset start at 01.01.2010 – acquisiton 10 000.00 – linear 10 year
31.12.2011 – before valuation – NBV 8000.00 – cum depre : 2000.00

I run AFABN for 2011/Ǭ

I want to revaluate, using ABAW on valuation area ȓ, our local area updated by ASKBN (not 01)
I linked the transaction type to the valuation area 51 .

Transaction type 891 (I have also tried with 897)
Amount : 20 000.00
Reev.Depr prior year 1 0Ǡ.00
Reev current year 1 000.00

In the asset explorer, the values are correct –
But I have any FI Document, never running ASKBN, never running AFABN (repeat)
I expect this booking
70 APC 20 000.00
75 Depr 1 000.00 – (depr previous year)
50 Depr 1 000.00 – (depr current year )
50 Adjust valuation 18 000.00 –

I tried to do it with AR29N, because in fact I have a mass revaluation to do, but using this transaction I can’t have the rigth values neither in FI/GL, and neither in FI/AA

Could you please advice

Consultant, needs help regarding ABAW – AR29N FI/AA Revaluation – no FI Document Help!

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