Amount Different in GRIR at MIGO

Hello QnASAP, We have created a PO with Qty= 99.960 and Per Unit Price = 6,955.20, if we add up the taxes on it th etotal for this Item will be 782,188.72

We have Posted GR with Movement Type 101 and 105 at the time of Posting with 105 system has posted 779,672.00 to our account the GR Qty is 99.958

The difference amount is 2516.72 INR, this amount is not posted to our Price Differenece Account also, the accounting Entry at GR with Movement Type 105 is

Stock Dr 779,672.00
GR\IR CR 779,672.00

Please help me to understand why system is posting less amount to our GR IR Account.

FICO Consultant, needs help regarding “Amount in GRIR at

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