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SAP Consultant needs help regarding “Day Dep “

Hi All,

Dep to the day active in Dep key
APC cost INR 1000
Dep rate 11.31 %
Dep for the 12 periods is 113.1
so for one period is INR 9.42 (i.e 113.10 /12 periods)

My cleint wants – dep to theday, now the system is posting like below
Dep for april INR 9,42 and
dep for may INR 9.42 and and like this through out for whole fiscal year

what my clients needs is
Dep for april with 30 days is INR 9.27
Dep for May with 31 days is INR 9.58

Please can any throw some light on this

Consultant, needs help regarding Day Dep Help!

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