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Fiscal year 2011 is already closed in Financial Accounting . Message AA669

SAP Consultant needs help regarding 2011 is already closed in Accounting . AA669 “

Hi Expets ,
Our fiscal year is from Jan to Dec .

My super user has already done the following
1. OB52 — Current period open is 1 2012 to 2񎧜
2. Asset depreciation run is done
3. AJRW has been executed
4. AJAB has been executed .

Still we are getting the following error .
Fiscal year 2011 is already in Financial Accounting.
Message no. A𐂅

You have initiated a recalculation of asset values for fiscal year 2011. However, fiscal year 2011 is still open is Asset , but not in Financial .

System Response
Due to this inconsistency between the General Ledger and the the subsidiary ledger, processing is terminated.

Close fiscal year 2011 in Asset Accounting as well.

Consultant, needs help regarding Fiscal year 2011 is closed in Financial Accounting . Message AA6ȥ Help!

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