How to define search string to update the encashment date in check register

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I have an Issue with the check . the date is not getting updated . we are using electronic bank statement and the bank statement files are MT940 format . the EBS is working fine but in case of check payment we receive a 12 digit i.e ( 000000001618) in the MT940 files where as in the SAP system we have maintained check lot with a 10 digit number i.e ( 0000001618) i have already defined the interpretation algorithm and the but the only works when i change the SAP system check lot to 12 digits as per the MT940 files. How can i a string to clear the 12 digits check number in MT940 with theಊ digit in system so that it get cleared and the check encashment get updated in check information .

could anyone help me .

FICO Consultant, needs help regarding “How to define search to update the encashment date in check register “

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