BDC for F-02 is not working properly in background

ABAP SAP Consultant needs help regarding “BDC for F-02 is not in

Dear Experts,

I have a Problem in executing the BDC for F-02 ,Document is getting posted in but not in bakground.

When we try to execute the BDC in Background (i.e – Mode – ‘N’) posting is not happening. we have debugged and identified that a cost centre pop up is appearing ( Screen no: 0002) which is not to be filled as per our requirement.

We tried to add a OK CODE as ” ENTE” to suppress the pop up. but still we are Unable to control the pop up.

This pop up appears in foreground also, since we do a manual enter, the OK code is accepted and Document was posted successfully.

Kindly treat this message as urgent!

ABAP Consultant, needs help regarding BDC for F-02 is not working properly in background Help!

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