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BPC75NW – Periodic Amount Not Calculating for records with blank YTD value

We are on BPC75NW SP6 and have a YTD consolidation application. Data is loaded on a monthly Basis uising a process of importing data files from supplying systems and then loading them into BPC using the data manager append function with a transformation file. YTD amounts are as expected and ‘most’ periodic amounts are also calculated correctly via MDX mesures in reporting. However, in situations where we have a P&L YTD balance in one month (say January) and then in the next month (February) there is no longer a YTD balance in that P&L account, no record is loaded for February YTD and the system is not calculating any February periodic amount. Example:

January – Load $ 100 to a P&L Account which is the YTD amount
The January YTD amount = $ 100.
The January Periodic amount = $ 100.

February – Load no record to the same P&L account as above (as the YTD amount is now 0)
The February YTD amount in the system is blank
The February Periodic amount in the system is blank (This should be a NEGATIVE $ 100)

As a possible work around we have also tried to load a 0 to February. The data manager package shows the record as loaded successfully but since it is a 0 it really does not put it into the database.

Surely someone out there has already hit this situation and is willing to share the solution.

SAP Consultant, needs help regarding “BPC75NW – Periodic Amount Not Calculating for records with blank YTD value “

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