BPC75NW – Periodic Amount Not Calculating for records with blank YTD value

We are on SP6 and have a YTD consolidation application. Data is loaded on a monthly Basis uising a process of importing data files from supplying systems and then loading them into BPC using the data manager append function with a transformation file. YTD amounts are as expected and ‘most’ amounts are also calculated correctly via MDX mesures in reporting. However, in situations where we have a P&L YTD balance in one month (say January) and then in the next month (February) there is no longer a YTD balance in that P&L account, no record is loaded for February YTD and the system is not any February periodic . Example:

January – Load $ 100 to a P&L Account which is the YTD amount
The January YTD amount = $ 100.
The January Periodic amount = $ 100.

February – Load no record to the same P&L account as above (as the YTD amount is now 0)
The February YTD amount in the system is
The February Periodic amount in the system is blank (This should be a NEGATIVE $ 100)

As a possible work around we have also tried to load a 0 to February. The data manager package shows the record as loaded successfully but since it is a 0 it really does not put it into the database.

Surely someone out there has already hit this situation and is willing to share the solution.

SAP Consultant, needs help regarding “BPC75NW – Periodic Amount Not Calculating for with blank YTD

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