Change Delivery date – Confirmation


I need a help about the update.

I use the ME_CONFIRMATION_UPDATE function to update the (eindt) . But when I run the function, nothing happens.

So I debbug the function and I saw that: The function stops when the internal call function ND_EXITS_ACTIVE_CHECK back with exits_not_active plugged.

I can’t understand what is happening.
PS: This function (ME_CONFIRMATION_UPDATE) was already use in other program.

Follows the code:

          wa_func_ekes-mandt = sy-mandt.
          wa_func_ekes-ebeln = wa_relatorio-ebeln.
          l_ebeln            = wa_relatorio-ebeln.
          wa_func_ekes-ebelp = wa_relatorio-ebelp.
          wa_func_ekes-etens = wa_relatorio-etens.
          wa_func_ekes-ebtyp = 'Y1'.
          wa_func_ekes-eindt = wa_relatorio-dtconf.
          wa_func_ekes-lpein = '1'.
          wa_func_ekes-erdat = sy-datum.
          wa_func_ekes-ezeit = sy-uzeit.
          wa_func_ekes-menge = wa_relatorio-mgconf.
          wa_func_ekes-estkz = '1'.
          wa_func_ekes-kzdis = 'X'.
          wa_func_ekes-xblnr = wa_relatorio-xblnr_new.
          append wa_func_ekes to it_func_ekes.
          clear: wa_func_ekes.
          call function 'ME_CONFIRMATION_UPDATE'
              i_ebeln = l_ebeln
              xekes   = it_func_ekes.

Anyone can help me?

ABAP Consultant, needs help regarding Delivery date – Confirmation “

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