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Express Document “Update terminated by Author: user name”

Hello QnASAP,
Can anyone help me with regard to this Issue? When user do Purchase return, they get this message. I read al the message related to it.
But I do not get proper solution. All relate to code and Number Range. But I am not clear of what to do?

I get the following message:

Date and Time 08.06.2011 08:54:36*

* Short text*
The ABAP/4 Open SQL array insert results in duplicate database records.

* What happened?*
error in the ABAP Application Program

The current ABAP program “SAPLWB2D” had to be terminated because it has
come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

* What can you do?*
Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.

To process the Problem further, contact you SAP system

Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP dump Analysis, you can look
at and manage termination messages, and you can also
keep them for a long time.

* error analysis*
An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
The exception, which is assigned to class ‘CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB’, was not c
procedure “WBHF_SICHERN” “(FORM)”, nor was it propagated by a RAISING cl
Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
exception would occur, the current program is terminated.
The reason for the exception is:
If you use an ABAP/4 Open SQL array insert to insert a record in
the database and that record already exists with the same key,
this results in a termination.

(With an ABAP/4 Open SQL single record insert in the same error
situation, processing does not terminate, but SY-SUBRC is set to 4.)

System environment
SAP-Release 701

Application server… “SVTERP03″
Network address…… “”
Operating system….. “Windows NT”
Release………….. “6.0”
Hardware type…….. “16x AMD64 Level”
Character length…. 16 Bits
Pointer length……. 64 Bits
Work process number.. 37
Shortdump setting…. “full”

Database server… “SVTERP11″
Database type….. “Oracle
Database name….. “GEP”
Database user ID.. “SAPSR3″

Terminal………. “4PYZ32S”

Char.set…. “C”

SAP kernel……. 701
created (date)… “Jan 28 2010 20:07:00″
create on…….. “NT 5.2 3790 Service Pack 2 x86 MS VC++ 14.00″
Database version. “OCI_10201_SHARE ( “

Patch level. 69
Patch text.. ” “

Database…………. “Oracle 9.2.0.., Oracle 10.1.0.., Oracle 10.2.0..
SAP database version. 701
Operating system….. “Windows NT 5.0, Windows NT 5.1, Windows NT 5.2, Windows
NT 6.0, Windows NT 6.1″

Memory consumption
Roll…. 16192
EM…… 4189840
Heap…. 0
Page…. 0
MM Used. 1247408
MM Free. 2939808

User and Transaction

Client………….. 500
User……………. “NAS00602″
Language key…….. “E”
Transaction……… “WB22 “
Transactions ID….. “D86991E000EAF1F6A067000087526684″

Program…………. “SAPLWB2D”
Screen………….. “RSM13000 3000″
Screen line……… 2

Information on where terminated
Termination occurred in the ABAP program “SAPLWB2D” – in “WBHF_SICHERN”.
The main program was “RSM13000 “.

In the source code you have the termination point in line 374
of the (Include) program “LWB2DF0W”.
The program “SAPLWB2D” was started in the update system.
The termination is caused because exception “CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB” occurred
procedure “WBHF_SICHERN” “(FORM)”, but it was neither handled locally nor
in the RAISING clause of its signature.

The procedure is in program “SAPLWB2D “; its source code begins in line
357 of the (Include program “LWB2DF0W “.

ABAP Consultant, needs help regarding “Express Document “Update terminated by Author: user name” “

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