FA depreciation run error

Hi Expert,

I am trying to run for period 1 year 2011 (calendar year = closing year). However, I kept getting error. The last FA transaction and depreciation run was in 2008 and since then, there was no more asset postings and NBV was already zero for the assets.

At first I got the 1st error :

No data was found that agrees with the selection made
Message no. AU101
There is no data record which meets the selection conditions specified.
Check your input

Then I tried to open the previous period to run depreciation even though it is zero. Now I still got this error.

When I close the asset FY period till 2010, I cannot run 2011. Got the below error ;

No posting possible in fiscal year 2011
Message no. AA688

No posting is possible in the fiscal year 2011 specified. The fiscal year specified differs by more than a year from the fiscal year in which the last postings were performed.

Correct your fiscal year specifications.

Please advise asap. How shall I correct the error and what went wrong ?

Consultant “FA depreciation run error

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