GRC Error: namespace request message

Good afternoon staff,

I’m doing my first implementation of the GRC from the beginning, and we are setting up the scenarios to
a few.
The first scenario is a B2B, to input NFes.
The scenario takes the XML file and must deliver it to the proxy of the GRC.
The sender of channel is ok. The is successfully sxmb_moni by the PI.
But, it appears the payload for the mapping done.
It is a Problem or lack some configuration?
I can not tell if the “from … to” field was done correctly.
It is the first message in this environment.
In sxmb_moni GRC, the message is as follows:

************************************************** ****************
The operation can not be determined from the message type information about the method parameters for the interface is missing / XNFE/II_006NFB2B_PROC_NFE_IB (ABAP interface, Invoice message, message )
************************************************** ****************

Has anyone experienced this or have any clue what might be?
Any help is always valuable.

Hugs and thank you
Luciana Rossana

General Consultant, needs help Regarding “GRC : namespace

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