Job log details of background scheduling batch job for IP30

Hello QnASAP,

We are running for IP30 t-code.

When I am viewing job log details,following error message is coming.

1. There are error message in the application log,
- ID, Message no-565,Message type- I

2. error sending data (4)

message class- PO, Message no-780,Message type- S

3.In background processing, saving to a PC file is not possible.

message class- ID, Message no- 564,Message type- I

4.Spool request (number 0000XXXXX) created without immediate output

message class- SY, Message no- 355,Message type- S

5. Spool request (number 0000XXXXXX) sent to SAP printer local

message class- SY, Message no- 374,Message type- S

I have tried to view details in t-code SE91 by entering message class

& message no,then pressed displayed ,system is throughing message in status
bar as “processing cancelled”

Can anyone Please let me the significance of all these error message?How can I
view details of these error message?Where message type such as I,S etc can be
used to view details of all these error message?

Consultant, needs help regarding “Job log details of background scheduling batch job for IP30 “

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