Message AU075 – asset values ​​were not completely lancaddos

General SAP Consultant needs help Regarding AU075 – ​​were not lancaddos”

Dear, recently set up two areas of evaluation went on to release IFRS for accounting. They were set to fire the reason for option 4 – Area directly Lanka inventories and depreciation. However, when trying to close the exercise, 2011, accused the system error message “AU075 – ​​were not lancaddos completely.” The figures have been released as defined configuration. If we execute the ASKBN, the ​​will be launched in duplicate. Has anyone experienced this? This Problem is not occurring due to the releases for calculating depreciation. Only for transfers (purchases, payments, low, etc.).



General Consultant, needs help Regarding
Message AU075 – asset values ​​were not completely lancaddos Help!

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