REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY hangs in background mode

Hi everyone,
I’ve coded this:

        CALL FUNCTION ''
            i_callback_program      = g_repid
            is_layout               = gs_layout
            i_save                  = g_save
            is_variant              = gs_variant
            it_events               = gt_events
            it_fieldcat             = t_fieldcat[]
            it_sort                 = t_sort[]
            e_exit_caused_by_caller = g_exit_caused_by_caller
            es_exit_caused_by_user  = gs_exit_caused_by_user
            t_outtab                = t_ctrl02[]
            program_error           = 1
            OTHERS                  = 2.

but it seems to hang forever when it’s scheduled in .
However if I assign a layout through

        gs_variant-variant = '/my_variant'.
        gs_variant-text = 'my_variant'.

it seems to run okay.
Why isn’t it working in background?

ABAP Consultant, needs help regarding “REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY in

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