SUM or GROUP BY .. In internal Tables

ABAP SAP Consultant needs help regarding “SUM or BY .. In

Hello Experts,

I am fairly new to ABAP, but i have good understanding of ABAP as well as SAP, (I hold Mstr degree in SAP)

I often come to situation like to sum the currency field in an internal table, just like

              SUM( FIELD4 )
              WHERE <CONDITIONS...>
              GROUP BY FIELD1 FIELD2 FIELD3...

This would be easy to do, but what i have all the datas in an internal table,
i want to perform the same thing as above using internal table,

i tried using AT END OF…ENDAT but you cant use nested AT to get the sum..

i have field COMPANY CODE, GL NO , Document NUMBER, DATE, AMOUNT.

in this case i want to amount to be grouoped by all before fields (i.e. CC, GL no, Doc no, Date)
*I only need to know how can do better using internal table.

ABAP Consultant, needs help regarding SUM or GROUP BY .. In internal Tables Help!

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