VFRB / Billing output issues

When running retro billing VFRB, entries in NAST (Output) table has been updated with entries even before the debit or have been created. So we have entries in NAST with object id $ 000000001 and so on instead of the correct billing Document number. This has been a one time Issue.
Due to which we face Issue when the batch job for output is processed RSNAST00.

1. $ 000000001 records ends in error, this is Ok since these are junk records
2. few of the Document outputs is not getting process (all billing included), for exaple there are 100 documents to print only 97 gets printed. the balance 3 does not get printed. The 3 documents does not get processed by the program RSNAST00 when the variant considers all open Document, the program ends in error because of the junk records. the documents gets printed if the Document number is given explicitly.
3. When the program is processed next day the new billing documents for the day are processed correctly, but the previous days 3 documents does not get processed. and a few documents of the current day is also not processed, the program ends in error because of the junk records.
4. this results in a a huge set of outputs not processed after a few days.

Has any one seen similar behavior with VFRB, and with the RSNAST00 program.

Consultant, needs help regarding “VFRB / Billing output issues “

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