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HCM Process and Forms – Authorization issue

Hello QnASAP Experts,

I have to developed one HCM process and forms for leave request. Workflow is assigned to the form. When I test the Process with in the R/3 using Txn ‘HRASR_TEST_PROCESS’ I got the Error, Work Item Not Found; Workflow Not Started” and “Process Object Not Created”.

Then I tested the same Process with the user who is having SAP_ALL role and now the workflow is triggered and can able to see the work item in the portal UWL. With SAP_ALL everything was fine.

But my client will not give SAP_ALL role to all users. So I need to find, what are the roles and authorization objects need to execute the HCM process and forms.

I checked the Help documentation, and I found P_ASRCONT is needed for HCM forms and process. So I assigned to the user but still, the forms getting error.

HCM Consultant, needs help regarding “HCM Process and Forms – Authorization issue “

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