Open PO Commitments carryforward

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We are implementing FM-BCS. As per our Business requirement at the year end, we need to PO to next year.

I have tried the same by using T.Code FMJ2 and Open PO commitments are successfully carry forwarded to next .

When I checked the same in Budget availability Report the opem commitment amount got reduced from consumable and consumed amount in sender year (2011) and the same open commitment amount got increased in consumable and consumed amount in receiver fiscal year (2012). And also the amount got reduced in sender fiscal year with period 16 (we are using fiscal variant V3). But it should be updated with period 12 (fiscal year 2011)instead of 16th period.

Please suggest Why it is updated with 16th period? And also why open commitment amount got reduced in sender fiscal year (2011)?

Please suggest the process.

SAP Consultant, needs help regarding “Open PO Commitments carryforward “

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