Change Output for MB90 to smartforms

Dear Experts..

first of all i’d like to say sorry if this thread posted in wrong section
because my question is mixing between ABAP programming and MM Customizing.. so i posted here..

the Problem is..
that i’d like to change default SAP script form to smartforms in output of tcode MB90..
i already done setting from tcode NACE for standard output type WA03 and also changing default program from SAPM07DR to ZSAPM07DR and changing the default form MWASCHEIN to smartform ZMIP_GR

is this the right way ? since when were looking at the printing program looks like it build only for SAPSCRIPT form… where we could fine syntax OPEN FORM and CLOSE FORM..

please advice any body ever succeded to change the standard sapscript to smartforms ?

MM Consultant “Change Output for MB90 to smartforms “

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