Kanban replenishment with WM

I am using with strategy stock transfer from a WM managed storage location(strategy 0006).If I put the status to empty,I am able to generate Transfer requirement.I converted the TR to TO and confirmed the TO.I am able to move the stock from say storage type R01 to 150, but the stock transfer was not happening from the WM storage location to storage location.I had maintained supply area and control cycle.Also in WM -PP interface ,for Kanban WM movement type 350 was assigned to ware house and storage type.Also maintained storage location control in WM ,for the ware house and storage type(150) and kanban storage location IM movement type 311 is assigned.Combine post.changes is unchecked.What are the other settings to be made to have automatic transfer with mvt type 311 as soon as TO is confirmed?

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