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Dear Gurus,

We have one customized Report for PR,
1. This Report shows the which are Partly processed along with PR’s which are not at all processed. For this Report we need a selection option on the selection screen which will give us the PRS which are not at all converted to Purchase ORDER.
For this can we do like – In Selection screen check box for Partly Ordered Purchase Requisitions.(Same as we have in Report ME5A) to be added.
If ticked, the Report will display the Pending Purchase Requisitions including the PRs for which part of the requested Quantity has so far been ordered.
If Un ticked the Report should give the pending purchase requisitions excluding the Partly ordered PRs.
Like in Report ME5A processing status (N) to be used in our customized Report, but then how to use PR’s which are converted into RFQ’s.

Please suggest how we should go ahead.

MM Consultant, needs help regarding of open PR’s “

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