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DELINS – TS00008000 – Work Item Created Despite Idoc Status 53

Netweaver SAP Consultant needs help regarding – TS00008000 – Work Despite 53 “

Why is a Work Item created in SBWP the IDoc being successfully processed (Status 53)?

We are using standard SAP workflow for our inbound DELINS Idocs with process code DELI and Inbound Function Module IDOC_INPUT_DELINS_START

When a Scheduling Agreement gets successfully updated with a DELINS Idoc, a work item still gets created in the SAP Business Workplace with the following status texts:

Status Message for Selected IDoc
Status Text: IDoc: 00000� Status: Application Document posted
T100 Text: Scheduling agreement � for IDoc 0000000000600000 has been processed

If the task TS00008000 has a triggering event of INPUTERROROCCURRED, why is a Work Item created?

We are on ECC5.

Netweaver Consultant, needs help regarding DELINS – TS00008000 – Work Item Created Despite 53 Help!

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