How to solve Error No 10061 on SAP Netweaver 7.20

SAP Consultant needs help regarding “How to error No on SAP Netweaver 7.20 “

Dear Guys

As a stranger to SAP solutions I finally downloaded and installed SAP Netweaver 7.2 on my lap top installation was all ok. Now my main Issue is I cant Log on when i click the following message shows up
” partner ’′ not reached
WSECONNREFUSED: connection refused
Do you want to see the detailed description? “

when u cllick ok
a Window opens SAP GUI for Windows 720

partner ’′ not reached
Component NI (network interface)
Release 720
Version 40
Module nixxi.cpp
Line 3286
Method NipConnect2:127.0.01:3200
Return Code -10
System Call connect
error No 10061
error Text WSECONNREFUSED: connection refused
Counter 1

I check my sapmmc from the desktop
it shows a blue color server pictures and inside the Current Status some of the process is showing Green, red and grey

Frankly I new to this software and dont have any basic idea of how to operate. My intention of installing this is to learn myself with the materials which i had.

Netweaver Consultant, needs help regarding How to solve error No 10061 on SAP Netweaver Help!

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