RFC Lookup Fails – by Terry Riedel

I have an integration scenario that features an RFC lookup. This integration scenario works great in our , but fails at runtime in our QA environment. The executes correctly in the Integration Builder debugging tools – but not at runtime.

The parameter mappings are correct in both the DEV & QA environments.
I’ve refreshed the cache in both SXI_CACHE and performed a CPA Cache Refresh

SXMB_MONI Reports the following error

<SAP:P1>Thrown: Java.lang.NullPointerException: at com.s</SAP:P1>
<SAP:P2>ap.guid.GUID.parseHexGUID(GUID.Java:1015) at com.</SAP:P2>
<SAP:P4>Java:111) at com.SAP.aii.utilxi.misc.api.GUIDFac~</SAP:P4>
<SAP:AdditionalText />
<SAP:Stack>runtime exception occurred during mapping</SAP:Stack>

I’ve done searches here on sdn and found similar scenarios that broke down into either cache problems or as overlooked parameter mapping. Neither of those seems to be my Problem.

Is there anything I’ve overlooked?

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