Workflow in Error – Background task

Hello QnASAP,
We have a Z tcode where users will enter data and upon save Material is created, is triggered. The first step in is a , a method from zbs1001006(delegated from BUS1001006) to get SpecialText and give out LongText. This is a and synchronous.

when we run the Workflow, its giving at this task. giving a msg “Exception Occurred”. Not sure where to check. and we do not have access to run method in Production. so we can not check if method has any error.

and this happening few times a day, Other times its working fine. we are not seeing the Issue all the time. This Workflow went to Production in 2008 and from then on I see same Issue once in a while in SWPR.

Please suggest where we can check for error.

Netweaver Consultant, needs help regarding “Workflow in error

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