Automatically move operations in front by using CM21 / CM25?

Hi SAP experts!

We are starting to use here in our company. Almost everything works fine, but we could not get one smart functionality to work, which I have seen working before in my previous company. This is when you have dispatched several (different orders) on a work center, which are right next to each other. Then if the work center needs to close down, or suddenly an unexpected prolem occur, you want to all the operations some hours or days. I saw that this was possible by just moving the first / next operation, then all the following operation would as well. But this is not the case in the setup we have here (version 6.0). In my prev. company we ran version 4.6, so it should also be possible here. We tried to activate Midpoint scheduling, but it didn’t help. Any ideas what we are missing?

PP Consultant, needs help regarding move operations in by using / CM25? “

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