High GUI Time – Causing high Response time

SAP SAP Consultant needs help regarding GUI high time “

Hi All,

Average GUI Response time is approx 400 ms in my ECC 6.0 system, OS – HP UX, Database – Oracle

I expect it should always be approx 200 ms, but as it is high it is contibuting to high overall response time.

I expect there are normally two ways of high GUI time :

1) High network time between Presentation layer( User System) and (SAP Server).

2) High amount of time in Loading User Screen

For Option 2 I have checked we are using SAP access menu so there should not any Problem with loading of User Access Menu.

Average Response time for session_manager is 2 Secs.

Please suggest me what all other ways available to improve GUI time,

Can there be other reasons of high GUI time and how can we make sure that high GUI time is only because of high Network time.

Please suggest.


SAP Consultant, needs help regarding
High GUI Time – Causing high Response time Help!

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