List of pricing conditions for outline agreements

SD SAP Consultant needs help regarding of for

Hello……I need to find a way to moniter the dates in pricing conditions for so that I can check for contracts that have pricing about to expire. I can go into each contract one by one, but this is not very efficient (we have a lot of contracts for multiple markets). I can currently get a list of the validity dates of the actual contract, but as of yet am Unable to get this for the pricing conditions. The information I need is in tables KONH and KONP. In SQVI I have a query that joins those two tables, but am Unable to join this to a table that can provide either the material number or the contract# (as the query stands right now it just provides a list of the dates and a condition record number). Any idea’s how I can accomplish this either in SQVI or via an existing T-code?

SD Consultant, needs help regarding List of pricing conditions for outline agreements Help!

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